Unemployment In Pakistan

Unemployment occurs when numbers of the people are living without work and also keep trying to seek work.  Unfortunately PK men and women are continuously suffering this depression called unemployment. In Pakistan lots of students go to abroad for work after getting higher degrees from different institutions. Pakistan is rich country by the numerous of natural resources but are not being used with proper manner since Pakistan came into being on the map of the world. Pakistani people are considered very talented and intelligent all over the world. Dr, Abdul Qadeer Khan, Irfah Kareem and Malal Yousaf are bright examples to show the best caliber of Pakistan before the world. But mostly people are unemployed they do not find any proper framework to utilized their skills for the progress of country that is why huge amount of talent is lost.

Major Causes of Unemployment in PK.

There are number of causes of unemployment few of them are taken under discussion with their solution.


Unemployment in Pakistan came up for last five years because of terrorism that is not only problem for Pakistan it is the name of the worst destruction for all living people around the world. According to the current figure it has been one of the most affected country for last few years, as a result many investor do not like to invest their money in Pakistan, so growth rate declined up to enough extent that is why terrorism is one of the core cause of unemployment in Pakistan.

It has been noticed that many factories had closed owing to suicide explosion, where lots of people work to earn money for their lives, because of explosion so many people unemployed, on the other hand production of different things went to low and closing of factories caused to rise more unemployment.

Natural Disasters:

“You make your destiny over the earth and God makes your destiny over the sky” yes natural disaster, big cause of unemployment, can never be stopped. In 2005 Earthquake huge amount of damage done. Towers, industries sky high buildings, long bridges destroyed and thousands of people died, lots of children became orphan, people extended every possible help for effected people,  huge part of beget have been served for them which has to be installed new industries, factories, to overcome unemployment.

Since last two, three years crops, Dams fruit trees disappeared flood, so many people became homeless, similarly employed people listed into unemployed in Pakistan because of natural disasters.

Over Population:

Over population is also big cause of unemployment that is increasing with the passage of time, with respect to population Pakistan is 7th biggest country of the world. Increasing population is not being checked by the Government. A healthy family planning program has been announced but due to lack of awareness and illiteracy people do not care even they want more sons and have expectations that they will share financial burden of their lives. But all their hopes shuttered at the time when they come to know that getting job in Pakistan is one of the biggest challenge for them so unemployment increases more.

Electricity Load Shading:

Energy crisis is also basic issue of unemployment in Pakistan. Energy plays pivotal role for the development of country. Electricity can be called the blood of nation because it is not only required for the people but equally important for the industries, factories. Energy shortage works as a catalyst to increase unemployment. The people belonging to every field whether doctors, engineers, students, industrialist, labors, patients, all are affected simultaneously by the energy shortage and the foreign investors shun to investing money in different fields due to load shading. As a result economy collapses and unemployment goes hand in hand with the economy.

Lack of Technical Education:

Education system in Pakistan is not up to the professional standard. Students even in master and gradation level like to cram their topics. It is observed that so many students having higher degrees do not know how to perform practical, majority of educated people are skill-less even they are intelligent keep sitting and waiting at home for vacancies. When they came to know they apply for job, luckily fewer students are employed and thousands of other start waiting again, they hopes that next turn for them to employed but they become over aged and keep unemployed for all time.

Solution of  Unemployment in Pakistan:

Under are some steps that need to be taken to overcome unemployment in Pakistan,

  • Firstly it is responsibility of the police in every district to keep an eye on suspected people. They should keep connected with public and take measures to improve proper security with well check and balance.They should visit overcrowded places like Schools. Colleges, universities, Picking Points on daily basis. People must obey all security steps to save their own nation.
  • It is the duty of Government to install more industries, factories, to turn Pakistan from agriculture to industrialized country. It would be much better if a target is set to reduce unemployment in Pakistan per year.
  • Higher authorities should check every building in those areas where maximum possibility of natural disaster. People should move from dangerous place to safe areas on the behalf of weather forecasting repot.
  • It is the basic responsibility of Government to make brighten each home of country with electricity. Shortfall should be eliminated as for as possible to survival of industries and needs for people. They should distribute solar panel in all over the country to safe electricity.
  • It is surety that we face high flood in every year so higher authorities must think about constructing new dams to preserve water for the production of cheap electricity.
  • Growth rate must be under controlled by taking all possible actions on the behalf of family planning program. Media can play very important role to produce awareness about family planning.
  • It is needed to improve education system especially in professional level. Professors, teachers, law makers should be trained up to professional standard.

History is witness that unemployment has been main cause of the down fall nations. The above mentioned measures can be taken to eliminate unemployment in Pakistan.

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