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Ufone , the telecommunication network in Pakistan having 24 million subscribers. We feel pride as it is pure Pakistani network and progressing well with the passage of time like ZONG cellular network. Ufone offers lots of internet packages like daily, weekly etc. The best thing about ufone is that provides one of the cheapest SMS packages for their subscribers. That’s why so many marketers avail ufone messages and internet service as well to get something better results in marketing for their brands.

So I made a plan to share with you all SMS and internet packages of ufone with their activation and deactivation codes.

Ufone Internet Packages:

Ufone offers some internet packages like other networks as daily, monthly basis . Watch all detail in under tables:

Ufone Daily Internet Bucket:

Bucket NameVolumePriceActivation CodeDeactivation toValidity
Daily Light40 MBRs : 10/-*804#“Unsub” to 880424 Hours
Daily Heavy75 MBRs:  15/-*8042#*4804#24 Hours
Special Daily50 MBRs: 05/-*810#“Unusb” to 78101 AM to 9 AM
Mega Daily1 GBRs: 99/-*550#*5501#1 AM to 6 AM

Ufone3 day Bucket:

Bucket NameVolumePriceActivation CodeValidity
3Days Bundle100 MBRs : 10/-*3350#3 Days

Ufone Weekly Internet Buckets:

Bucket NameVolumePriceActivation CodeValidity
Weekly-1250 MBRs: 50/-*7811#7 Days
Weekly -2500 MBRs : 125/-*7815#7 Days

Monthly Internet Buckets:

Bucket NameVolumePriceActivation CodeValidity
Monthly -11 GBRs:250/-*7807#30 Days
Monthly -23 GBRs : 500/-*803#30 Days
Monthly -310 GBRs : 1000/-*5100#30 Days

Ufone Social Internet Package:

Social media is getting higher popularity day by day, Ufone did not ignore its value. Get low rate social offer to connect with your follower on social network.

UfoneSocial  Buckets:

Bucket NameVolumePriceActivation toDeactivation toValidity
Daily Social100 MBRs : 05/-*4242#“Unsub” to 544424 Hours
Monthly1 GBRs: 50/-*5858#N/A30 Days
  • Note: Dial *706# to check remaining data for all packages

Ufone SMS Packages:

Ufone SMS packages are famous all around the Pakistan. We observed that so many people had an extra ufone SIM to avail message packages. All are too much cheap and time table is extraordinary as well.

Ufone Daily, Monthly, Weekly,Yearly  SMS Bucket:

Bucket NameTotal SMSPriceActivation toValidity
Daily Bundle1500 SMSRs: 3.99/-Sub to 6051 Day
Weekly Bundle1200 SMSRs: 10/-Sub to 6087 Days
15 Days Bundle10,000 SMSRs: 30/-Sub to 60315 Days
Monthly Bundle20,000 SMSRs: 80/-Sub to 60730 Days
45 Days Bundle30,000 SMSRs: 99/-Sub to 61445 Days
Yearly BundleUnlimited  SMSRs: 666/-Sub to 601One Year
  • Deactivation Code: For all sms Packages is , Just go to write message and type “Unsub” to 506

Ufone Uth SMS Packages:

So many ufone customers have uth package in their SIM. So ufone offers a special offers for them. It has more low rates than others.

Ufone SMS special offers for only uth  Packages Subscribers:

Bucket NameTotal SMSPriceActivation CodeValidity
Daily Youth Bundle500 SMSRs: 02/-Sub to 68201 Day
Weekly Youth Bundle1500 SMSRs: 07/-Sub to 68307 Days
Monthly Youth Bundle10,000 SMSRs: 90/-Sub to 684030 Days
  • Note: Un-subscription code available for only Daily youth Bundle: Type  “unsub”  send it to 6819

I hope you will like this detail about Ufone services for customers. If you have any question or you know any of new packages plan, don’t forget to put in comment section. Thanks

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