The Best Mobilink SMS & Internet Packages

Mobilink is one of the leading telephonic companies in Pakistan. It was founded in 1994 by US – Motorola. No doubt their internet packages are much affordable but they also offer the best SMS packages as well for the customers. I have been the subscriber of Mobilink jazz for last 12 years but I never ever felt any of complaints about the services like different packages plan and more what they offer to us. Mobilink subscribers may avail lots of services because it offers low rates as compared to other networks. It has not only number one network with respect to the subscriber but it reduced the factor of unemployment in Pakistan by providing lots of jobs to unemployed people.

I saw in the different place that some subscribers do not decide which Mobilink SMS or internet package they should use. In this post, I share all packages of jazz and tell you which one is better for subscribers with respect to their own needs.

Mobilink sms Packages

Mobilink SMS Packages:

When we want to send text messages to our friends we require any of good packages. In this connection, Mobilink fulfills needs of the customers by presenting cheap SMS packages.

Daily SMS Package:     

(Validity = 24 Hours)

Total SMSChargesSubscription    CodeUn-subscription Code
1500 SMS with 10MB WhatsappRs.5.98*334#*334*4#
    1200 SMS    Rs.4.77    *101*1*01#    *101*4*01#

Mobilink Weekly SMS Package:   

  (Validity = 7 days)

Total SMSChargesSubscription CodeUn-subscription CodeValidity
1000 SMS with 25MB WhatsappRs.13.13*101*07#*101*4*07#7 days

Mobilink Monthly SMS Package:    

(Validity = 30 days)

Total SMSChargesSubscription CodeUn-subscription Code
10,000 SMS with Unlimited WhatsappRs.47.79*101*02#*101*4*02#

Mobilink Internet Packages:

In this period of time, any of good telephonic companies cannot make progress without internet services as the internet has become one of the essential parts of our life. Almost every subscriber want cheap internet package to stay connected with the world.  Mobilink offers the best internet packages by keep eyeing to the customer’s requirements.

The best thing is that we can browse some of the  websites free of cost using Mobilink that are under.   (for correct information about anything)   (A place to sell or purchase something)   (share something out of the heart)   (The news with responsibility)

Mobilink Daily Internet Package:       

 (Validity = 24 Hours)

 Total DataChargesSubscription CodeCode to find out the Remaining data
50 MBRs.12*117*11#*117*11*2#

Daily Internet Social Bundle:      

  (Validity = 24 Hours)

 Total DataChargesSubscription CodeFind out the Remaining data
30 MB facebook+WhatsappRs.5*114*5#*114*5*2#

Weekly Internet Bundle:   

  (Validity = 7 Days)

 Total DataChargesSubscription CodeFind out the Remaining data
500MB+200MB facebook+WhatsappRs.75/-*117*7#*117*7*2#

Monthly Internet Bundle:  

   (Validity = 30 Days)

 Total DataChargesSubscription CodeFind out the Remaining data

The above mentioned Mobilink packages are absolutely up to the mark. If you have any of questions do not forget to put in the comment section.

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