How Can Student Earn Money in Pakistan

Making money online is not hard as Pakistani students and other people think. So many people do not work correctly and they are scammed by some ignorance people.  After lassoing money they think earning money from the internet is not legit. In this post I tell you the different ways are used to get online money particularly for the Pakistani students. I think you can earn money more than what you are doing any kind of local businesses in your area. If you are student you can kill two birds with one stone as you can earn  money and improve your education as well as English skills that are more important to get success in the world.

Now it has been very easy for all not only Pakistanis you can earn online where ever you live. Following are few ways that work 100%. But you need to be workrd with consistently.


Blogging means writing informational content for others. It is one of the easy and old ways to earn but still is working well; people are earning lots of dollars using this technique. If you are student you must adopt this way, just create a website or blogger blog, I recommend you a WordPress website.  As you know a custom website gets more exposure than blog. Moreover it is SEO friendly and easy to rank using plug-ins and some other oriented tools as well.

Just start uploading fresh content like news, sports, and current affairs. In this way you will get many visitors. Then you get account of Infolinks or Google Adsense for displaying ads. Approximately getting 1000 views per day should be your fist priority before going to display ads on your website to earn money online.


YouTube is also best way to earn money for the students. Simply get YouTube account by Gmail and upload your original videos. You must upload very charming and eye catching videos to get bundle of views. Just attach to your YouTube account with Google adsense by monetizing. But you need to care about the Google terms and policies because Google is much smarter than you and your adsense will be blocked permanently  if you did mistakes or try to cheat Google.

Simply and more important, you get, real views, clicks from all around the world’s people. You will be paid 1$ against 1000 views. So if you upload 25 to 30 videos you start well earning from YouTube in Pakistan.

Work as a Freelancer:

Freelancing is also the best source of income.  These websites are very popular in these days. You may join free and start working as a content writer that suits you if you are a student. Because easy content writing is good for students it helps you in your study career. So write content for others, receive money and improve your English more. You can get online data entry jobs there. As a web designer, web developer, photo editor or what skills you have; you may search work on the basis of your choice very easily there to bid.

Work on Udemy:

Another location is named Udemy that is very good educational place. You work there as an instructor to earn money online. So many instructors are earning millions of dollars there. You just need to learn any of your favorite skills and upload videos by preparing complete course and then you select a price for your course. you can earn a lot of money from there, only once time you will have to work to create a video course, after that it will become as a source of income for your whole life. Udemy will help you step by step for the preparation of your course. Just go there, get a free account, and create a course to online income.

  Buy and Sell Domain Names:

If you have 12 to 15$ in your account you should do this job, it is too much easy way. Simply get the best domain name and buy it. Then you may sell their by any price what you want.  You know people purchase domain names as paying 12$ and sell 1000$. I quote an example, few years back went for a cool 35million$! That is very good option of making money online for students.

Suggested Websites:

These are all legal ways to earn money online. You may adopt any of them that must works 100%. You need to be patience and will have to struggle with following terms and conditions. Never try to cheat because they block you if you do wrong.  If you have any question, put in comment section below. Thanks

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