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Infoinks is the best alternative of Google and affiliate program to earn money. In these reviews you may know the working of this ads program and tips to increase your revenue. No doubt Google Adsense is one and an only program for bloggers to get revenues. It is used by big websites and they are getting lots of money from Google. Unfortunately, now it is very hard to get verified Google Adsense because of Google’s new polices. On the other hand it is more difficult when you lived in subcontinent’s countries like India, China, and Pakistan etc.  If your fortune would provide a chance to get adsense , it becomes blocked within few weeks , blaming by Google Adsense  that you  had done policy violation or invalid clicks.

On the other side it is observed that Google may approve your request when you have at least 40 posts with 500 daily visitors and your website must be at least six months old. These conditions are too much painful for any content marketer,  Instead of these requirements it is not sure that your blog or website would be approved by Google Adsense.

That’s why I started to search alternative of Google Adsense and got successfully that was infolinks better  than Adsense.  When you have 5 to 8 posts including pages “Privacy Policy” & “About” on your blog or website you must apply for Infolinks. You will be approved very easily.

Infolinks has much colorful ads in its database. When you put their ads, visitors click because of its best designing. Infolinks shows text ads on blogs that’s why when a visitor moves cursor up to text where ads show that is related to your text keyword and chances of unique clicks increase. During survey it is observed that infolinks ads receive more clicks than Google Adsense.

Login process is also very easy to Infolinks you can login through your social account facebook.  Infilinks shows revenue stats on the daily basis in a big table at the front of its main page. Infolinks pays 1$ against 100 impression and 0.5$ to 0.10$ per cilck, so you can compare it with Google that is almost equal to what Google pays.

Infolinks Is the best Affiliate Program:

Generally, we observe that mostly bloggers have pages on social media accounts with numbers of followers that are mostly bloggers as you are. You just suggest them to join Infolinks through your affiliate link as a result you will be awarded 10% per referral for one year. Therefore, we can say that is one of the best affiliate program. So many bloggers are earning income with infoilinks.

How to increase Infolinks ads Revenue:

All bloggers has desire to earn more money from their website or blog. That is why they use ads to earn money. They look report to see stats means to know that how much money is being earned by him/her form Infolinks. You may loss of your money if you are using infolinks ads without correct methods. Following are some great tips that can be make change in your daily ads earning from Infolinks..

  • Select the best category from the list that must be relevant to your niche (Blog Content). In this way chances to be unique clicks on your ads may be enhanced so you will earn more revenue.
  • Select ‘’double under line’’ option from your infolinks account including blue color for your text ads because mostly links in blogs have blue color.
  • Use long tail keywords while writing your posts as you know short tail keywords will be covered by long tail keywords.
  • Select the best ads format for your blog to enhance attraction. In this connection lots of people like “In frame format” in which ads show almost out of your side bars.
  • I recommend “In tag format” because in this format ads come up from the footer slowly up to your 1/4th part of content.  That is good trick because visitors must have to skip or click.

I hope you will apply these suggestions on your Info links  account to increase your blog or website earning if you have any question don’t forget to put a comment here.

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