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There are lots of places for online date entry jobs where we can earn handsome money online while setting at home.  In Pakistan working online trend increased in last couple of years because of awareness through different sources such as good bloggers, print media, social media etc. Everyone knows that is age of computer almost each and every thing is being transferred into digital form. So many olden data that is in written form like property information are also being computerized.  In these days we apply for a job in different eras online as filling specific form then to submit it. All types of online function are performed more than one time by human to improve quality and several different function that are always relevant to the human being. That is why many companies hire people for work as a online data entry operator.

Most of the Pakistani people put a question what are data entry jobs, how to do, so that I wrote a post in which few authentic websites are taken under discussion.

Freelancing Sites:

Freelancing sites are very popular and working well in those days, People are earning online all around the world in those days by using freelancing websites, because there are not only data entry jobs but you may grab any type of job or project what you like such as web designing, blog writing, photo editing, data entry etc. you just go there, get a free account then post your specific skills. You can be hired very easily from there. Another most important feature of these websites is forwarding application to get desired work. The best strategy of these websites to get project for work is uploading your previous work. If you are interested in writing jobs then firstly you should write 3 to 4 articles and upload there so when someone visits your profile where your portfolio (uploaded work) must be engaged him/her. Same as if you are web designer or graphic designer or photo editor you should adopt the same strategy. But here our concern about online data entry jobs so you will not have to more extra effort just go there make engaging profile hope you will be hired soon. (Freelancing Websites: Upwork, Elance, Guru,etc.)


Protopers having good Alexa ranking and the best source of online income too. They provide lots of text images. You just rewrite all text using Microsoft Word or any other and get paid from prototypers. Actually they have scanned documents in huge amounts, when you deliver after writing they use text for their own purposes like uploading in different websites and so on. They clam “ Easy job easy money” yes it is ok as their work is too much easy so everyone that have basic English skill can do it by spending only 2, 3 hours for 4$.

They pay almost 1$ per 1000 words, that is easy if you are a good typer you may earn up to 10$ per day. It is good place, make a try.

Mega Typers:

Mega Typers is also place of entering data online at home, they show captcha(a little text Images having one word only) you have to type same word in the box, when you complete 1000 captcha they pay 1$. It is suitable job if you have lazy typing speed means up to 10 words per minutes, you should join it to earn cash at home without investing a single penny. In this site you can work from any where no matter where you live.


Absolutely stunning website, that offers a facility to search online data entry jobs. Very excellent filters they provide to search jobs. You may search location wise by putting country and city name in search box using filters.  The jobs they provide are very easy such as data entry and form filling in which you are seen a form, simply you fill with correct information, similarly they offers survey jobs you just provide information what they needed it may be about any of product or your country’s population trends etc. you also search there another data entry job called copy pasting and reading emails you just do it and they pay you.


That is one of the best ways to get online money from data entry job you just make an account on 2cptcha within 1 minute to start work online as data entry operator, the most important thing which I like that is their payout method, you may request for pay if you have only one cent, so this is very good to get online cash at home. It works well in Pakistan don’t miss a chance click under link to get free account. I hope you will be highly surprised when you worked there. So many other site blocks your account when you unknowingly enter wrong captcha but this one is the place in which you can skip it when you do not understand the writing. I has been working in this site for several month, that is why I got experienced a lot there, if you want to ask about the best website for online data entry job, I must recommend this one. You just click under link and check with in 3 minuts.

The above mentioned online data entry jobs works not only in Pakistan you may work online from where you live, you just need a good internet connection and basic English no matter if you are student or working you must join one of method to get extra income at home as a data entry operator.

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