What is  Majestic SEO Tool

The Majestic SEO tool is one of the most advanced & reliable tools for SEO analyzers & web developers. As most of the tools show stats and other website’s relevant things through scraping data from Google, Yahoo but the Majestic SEO tool tells us the exact data (stats) of all websites by using its own algorithm & software, that is the point which makes majestic one of the most valuable and trustful SEO tool no matter if you are an individual or have number of clients. So lots of users compare the information taken by the majestic software with Google results to get ranked up and also to take the best solution for starting new campaigns.

According to the new survey, it has been observed that almost 70% of western SEO specialists use this tool frequently to work for clients or themselves because it provides a straightforward platform to manages their projects & getting positive results. 

As for as SEO is concerned this tool is very useful, you know when we upload a post or design a new website we get lots of on page SEO tools that help us to make our work SEO friendly like “Title” & “Meta Description” etc. So we make these things (on page SEO) very easy by installing Blogger, Joomla, WordPress etc.

After that, we move to the section “off page SEO” that plays the fundamental role to get ranking especially in Google search results that is used more than 80% by the internet users in all over the world. So that if you have ranked on the first page of Google against the rich keyword it means you are getting lots of organic traffic (visitors).

As for off page SEO is concerned Majestic plays the pivotal role we can know all about our website or blog by putting  the domain name in this tool to analyze, and then we may make changes what Majestic SEO tool recommends as quality back-linking, keyword researching etc.

Following are some major services what majestic SEO tool offers that are mostly free for a website owner.

Majestic Back Link Checker:

In off page SEO, having the quality back links like “ do follow links” are the most important part, you may search as so many websites and posts have extraordinary information for visitors like Wikipedia, Webopedia; but their many pages and posts are placed at a low position in search results against some quality keywords. The one and the only reason is that have not quality back links or less in number.

Majestic SEO backlink analyzer tool gives extraordinary information about them and you get ranked up by following majestic SEO software information against your selected keywords for your post or page.

Moreover, we can check well our back links “anchor text” and “referring posts” what they have links and much more. For example, if anchor text of your back link is not well you may request them politely to change it. We may also increase our “do follow back links” that are 100 times better than “no follow back links”, Majestic SEO tool tells about your all links information by graphically and in tabular form as well. Remember existence of any kind of backlinks is too much better than without backlinks.

Another option there is “bulk backlink checker” where we can put a list of domains even up to 500 and get particular filtered back links (Educational, gov etc.) what these websites have.


Majestic URL Submitter:

Submitting your own or clients URLs to the search engine is one of the first parts after posting content but you may do in other time when you make changes in your post or website. When you submit a URL to search engines they index it to show visitors in their search results. So Majestic SEO tool provides you an easy way in which you may submit your URLs to search engine for crawling and indexing.

Majestic Web Master Tool:

SO many website owners and SEO consultants use Google webmaster Tool but Majestic can be called an alternative of Google Tool because Majestic shows you very clear information (stats) and so many more things when you verify your ownership. SO go to majestic to get a free account and then verify your website’s ownership.

This webmaster tool will allow you for 30 days free trial after that your site verification will be ended, you must avail this service for your website as we can know many closer things about traffic visitors interests, locations etc.

Majestic Back Link History Tool:

Backlinks history comparing tool tells about the history of your websites and your competitor’s history on the behalf of monthly or weekly basis either what we want. They have the data of other four trillion URLs that is why it provides a very quick process to analyze all about your website. It also shows graphically about new domains and referring domains data.

In this tool, we get our backlinks history by comparing with other website’s backlinks. When we compare our website backlinks with our competitor we get results that help to take new steps for ranking and beating our competitor.

Majestic Search & Site Explorer Tool:

Search explorer tool lets you know about your page title, description and it also tells you same things about your competitors.

It also provides you all information surrounding domain and subdomain. Just put your domain name in site explorer bar and click search. You can also compare multiple URLs there. So once you entered your domain name you are taken to site exploration page where you can know all summary relevant to your website. You will be seen your site’s trust flow and citation flow that will show between 0 to 100 score. Another section is the domain information section that provides you an overview of backlinks, referring domains even you may know how many education backlinks you have, you can also analyze those pages that are hit more by visitors.

Majestic SEO Milliners Tool:

As you know website ranking affects to your position in search results. This tool does not show an only global ranking of website but we can see ranking in particular country by filtering.

In this tool, we can compare up to five domains and see “referring sites” and “referring Ips” too and also opportunity to put it into your bucket. We may also create eye-catching batches there to show your particular data (Date, time, Ranking etc.) on your website.

The Majestic Keyword Tool:

The keyword tool what Majestic provides is amazing in all perspective. It gives us very closer look to pick the best phrases for ranking to get traffic.

Following are most important things what we like there:

•    The number of times the keyword or key phrase was found in “anchor text ”.

•    The number of times the keyword or key phrase was found in “Title”.

•    The number of times the keyword or key phrase was found in “URLs”.

         (This is only for Phrase Matches)

•    The number of times the keyword or key phrase was found both “ in title” & in “anchor text”.

This detailed information is very useful when you select a topic to write content for getting ranked in search engines.

Look under image I just put 4 different phrases so you can very easily analyze which keyword or phrase is easy to rank.

Why do I pay for Majestic SEO?

Before talking about plan & pricing of this software you must know why you pay. Remember if you are working for only yourself you do not need to pay a penny to Majestic, because you may get so many things for a single website to rank.

But if you have a big website and having many clients there then you must have to upgrade your Majestic account to unlock a number of things to deal your clients with the single click.

We talk about with an example, as being a free member we download only 20-30 backlinks, but we may be able to download 100 million backlinks if we upgrade. Anyhow you should not go to upgrade if you are using for only yourself.


Finally, I conclude my reviews about this majestic SEO tool with main points.

It is one of the best off page SEO tool works like an online as your own software for keyword researching, website stats, backlinks analyzing, URLs submitting and leads us the way how to beat your competitor.

   Its premium membership enables you to handle multiple clients at the same time. But we can use and get lots of SEO benefits without going to premium.

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