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Hotspotmailer is a place of free advertising, was developed by Maryanne Myers on May 11, 2009. It is one of the hottest marketing place , I studied many good reviews of this website, as it offers their members to send free emails to random persons instantly, it has 13318 active members , oh what a great number,let us see a bit outlook of hotspotmailer in under lines.

Website Worth: $14,260

Daily Page Views: 3590

Daily ads revenue: $12

Referral Program: $10 per referral

                         As for as above statistic is concerned we may say that it has each and every thing as the best website required, we can get more business for our business by getting benefits from hotspotmailer because it has huge traffic as well as the best alexa ranking .

Do you know what people say about this I saw tons of testimonials in which were reviewed that was their one of the favorite website to stand up their business , 3,000 credits are required to send emails at very instant ,but don’t worry because it is very easy to get credits, just see at the top of right site in the front  of first page of hotspotmailer ads are shown just like pop up ads, you may grab up to 150 credits per click very easily, it means you have to spent a little time to get free credits of hotspotmailer  for email advertising.

Become pro/upgrade to get more!

When you send free emails you also get some emails in response of, but if you do not want like me reading emails of other marketers or you want to get rid of getting  credits , you may just go to pro spending a normal amount but it will be life time offer ……….loll

It is done by two ways, no need to suffer,

  • Buy Bulk credits
  • Buy Upgrade Package
  • Buy upgrade(bulk) credits

Bulk hotspotmailer credits means simply purchase credits to send more and emails, we can get 5000,000 credits for just $50 but if you spend a little more just $75 you may grab 1000,000 credits at the same time, I think second one offer is very best as compare to first one even I recommend you if you want to buy credits you should select 2nd one because other 5000,000 credits are just $15 far away, any how you may decide which hotspotmailer offer is the best for you.

Buy Up grade Package today a life time offer

This is another optional best offer for new coming marketers and this one is called life time offer, if you join today you will be given 50,000 emails sending credits after the day today 2000 credits will be added on daily basis into your accounts for whole life just pay once, each credits means that your ad is mailed to one unique member, so that chances are always alive for your product to sell, all this you can activate by paying only $57 but it for life time..Loll

How to make money from hotspotmailer?

There are so many program of money making on the internet, this one is also one of them but with the difference to some extant, any how many affiliate programs  pay to their members well so this is difficult to say hotspotmailer is only the best program, but as for as my searching is concerned it is good affiliate program and it can also be included in the rows of high paying affiliate program, you may make money as much as you want, just see in left side of your first page, a referral link is shown for you, copy this link is called affiliate link.

It is very pretty nice online job because we have many friends on facebook  followers on twitter just go post your affiliate link in facebook business pages including you best message to refer people on hotspotmailer, as some one joins and he does getting to pro (using your affiliate link), $10 will be transferred in your account automatically, you may withdraw at instant this amount, I hope you will like this program and remember me in your prayers , just click to join free today,

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