How to Get Adsense Account Approval for Blogs

Google adsense is the most exclusive ad program for bloggers, it is the best earning source for them, in these days lots of people create blogs to display Google ads for money, therefore many new  bloggers put question for Google adsense approval that is not easy for all, as many bloggers apply for adsense but only fewer get approval.

Under are some ways how to approve Google adsense no matter you having blog or website!

Get a best Domain name:

Firstly you need to get domain name for your blog or website, you try to get  simple domain name you may buy it if you are hurry for Google adsense account , because Google loves paid domains and also these are easy to rank and good for SEO. If you don’t want to buy a domain name you create your blog on blogger or wordpress for using ads to get money.

Attractive Blog Design:

I, visited so many blogs, observed that were too much colorful having lots of copied images by adding widgets that is not much friendly work for  verification Google adsense account, your blog should  be simpler and somehow colorful with original images to make it more  attractive for visitors.

Create Quality Content:

You know why so many bloggers say “Content is Leader” if your content looks original and has ability to grab a user for more time on your blog you will be ranked well by the Google. Moreover you should use wordpress or joomla to easy work on your blog, in this way your chances will be increased to get Google adsense account.

Sufficient Contents or Posts:

You write your posts long up to 700-800 words per post and you should at least 10 to 15 posts on your blog before applying, always create meaningful and much new informational content with proper and simple wording for users, mostly new bloggers write such content that they are writing for not visitors just wring for themselves this one is not liked by the Google that is why you must write you content as you are teaching someone who are unknown what you saying it is also the best way to write content for your blogs.

Trace you visitors for to create adsense account:

Traffic is soil and blood for your website if you have only one post and have 400-500 visitor daily you will be rewarded adsense , because Google looks traffic very closely then decides adsense approval for blogger. Thus you track your visitors by using Google analytic & webmaster tools by verify them, for this you may get a code from Google analytic & webmaster tools then put into your head section for verification, so when you trace your visitors Google will know that you have much concerned with audience  so adsense approval opportunity graph will be upward.

Domain Ages Maters or not:

I have listened from so many bloggers that your domain should be at least 6 month olden before applying for Google adsense account that is totally wrong concept, simply adsense approval depends on your number of visitors on daily basis.

If you have 20 to 25 posts and you have almost 100+ visitors per day, don’t worry you may apply for adsense .

Some Important Pages:

You must add following pages before applying,


Privacy policy


About us

In these pages Google bot observes your blog and decides which kind of ads to be displayed on your website, if you are using any others ads you must remove before applying for adsense account.

Lastly I would say if your are very good in writing content and you have lots of visitors you would be must rewarded by Google adsense account for your blogger.

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